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Alaska Fisheries Report — March 12, 2020

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LOGO Alaska Fisheries Report

Gulf of Alaska cod loses its sustainability certification. The loss of the blue sticker is not because of poor management. Rather it’s warmer waters which mean smaller fish and fewer young cod in the fishery.

Warmer waters are directly related to most recent iteration of The Blob. Now biologists say The Blob may be subsiding.

The general manager of a regional hatchery in Southeast Alaska is retiring. Steve Reifenstuhl looks back at his 40-year career.

We had help from Joe Viechnicki at KFSK in Petersburg. Kavitha George with Alaska’s Energy Desk. And Laine Welch from Alaska Fish Radio.

For you fishermen, be careful fishing. Be sure to check your gear before you head out. Your family needs you to come home safely.

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