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Senior pranksters try to sell school

Photo by Jared Griffin

Not even a global pandemic can alter some traditions. And the annual Kodiak High School senior prank is no exception.

Wednesday evening, a group of five seniors dressed mostly in black tied a large banner to the outside of the high school building declaring that the school is for sale. The handmade message painted on a square brown tarp declares that the building has been closed since March 13 but features over 100 rooms, a swimming pool, a full gym and plenty of parking. The sign even included an intentional misspelling of the word “vacant.”

This particular kind of prank–advertising that a school is for sale–has been a notable trend for the class of 2020. Last year, seniors at Carlisle High School in Pennsylvania put their school up for sale on Craiglist as a statement to address their school district’s $3 million budget deficit.

This year, however, high school seniors all over the United States are pulling similar pranks, inspired by a viral video from Broadneck High School in Annapolis, Maryland, released earlier this week that documents a group of seniors creating a sign similar to Kodiak’s.

The Kodiak pranksters signed their advertisement: “Class of 2020”.