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Community Advisory Board

Our Community Advisory Board provides a link between Kodiak Public Broadcasting’s Board of Directors and our audience and community as a whole. Their responsibilities include:

  • The right to review the stations programming goals;
  • The right to review the service provided by the station;
  • The right to review significant policy decisions rendered by the station; and
  • The obligation to advise the station’s governing body on whether the station’s programming and other significant policies are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station, and to make recommendations that the CAB deems appropriate to meet such needs.

If you’re interested in becoming involved in the CAB, send an email to

Current CAB Members

Judy Carstens
Deb Goodell
Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan
Mike Mannelin
Patricia Ossowski
Mary Patterson
Lori Siebe
Mike Trussel