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26 new cases of COVID-19, fisheries related

The recent spike in seafood industry cases of COVID-19 continues in the Kodiak Island Borough.

26 new cases were reported on Wednesday, one in the morning and 25 in the afternoon.

20200805 Positive Test Announcement – Case 34 – 58

The Kodiak Area Emergency Services Organization says they were identified in a remote area of the borough. All are non-resident and work in the seafood industry.

That brings the total count for the Kodiak region to 58. Currently, 42 cases are considered active.

Since August 1st, the numbers of cases have more than doubled since the first case was reported on April 15.

Public health officials say these cases have been successfully isolated and have not spread to nearby communities, so the threat level for the Kodiak region is still low, or in “green” status.

Out of the 58 cases, only four have been classified as “community spread.”