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Borough, City municipal election results finalized

Kodiak Island Borough Logo City of Kodiak Sign Vote here sign
Kodiak Island Borough Logo City of Kodiak Sign Vote here sign

The Kodiak Island Borough finalized last week’s election results after a recount last night.

After a tight race, Steven Ames will join the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly. The borough clerk’s office initiated a recount, which put Ames ahead of candidate Monique Lewis by just 16 votes. Last week he held a lead of just eight votes.

The three seats for Borough Assembly will go to incumbent Ryan Sharratt, who got nearly 1179 votes, and newcomers Bo Whiteside, who got 914 votes, and Ames with 870 votes. Lewis was just short of Ames after receiving 854 votes. The three victors will serve three year terms and will be sworn in on Thursday.

Borough staff held the recount on Wednesday because the Assembly race was within a two percent margin after completing their canvass of villages and absentee votes earlier this week.

The final list of winners includes incumbent Scott Arndt as the borough’s mayor, as well as Kerry Irons and Duncan Fields on the school district’s board of education.

The City Council will retain incumbent Pat Branson as mayor and Bob Stanford on the council. Annika Woods is new to the Kodiak City Council and will be sworn in October 12 as well.