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Alaska Fisheries Report — September 17, 2020

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LOGO Alaska Fisheries Report

  • Two of the governor’s recent nominees to the Alaska Board of Fisheries are drawing criticism from many in the fishing industry. One of them works for the Pebble Limited Partnership.=
  • Some legislators question whether residents of the Railbelt can fully appreciate the importance of subsistence and commercial fishing.
  • A perfect storm of timing and the COVID-19 emergency makes it possible the controversial appointees could set policy for Alaska’s commercial, sport, and subsistence fisheries without first being confirmed by a majority of lawmakers.
  • A special report on this month’s House confirmation hearings.
  • Pets—especially those beachcombing dogs are at risk and can get sick, and even die from eating toxic shellfish (PSP).

All that coming up on this week’s edition of the Alaska Fisheries Report.

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