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Vote canvassing for City of Kodiak and Kodiak Island Borough to occur Wednesday

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Final results for Kodiak’s local election aren’t expected before Wednesday. That’s when the city and borough canvassing processes are set to begin with results expected in the evening.

The city and borough canvassing boards go over absentee ballots and questioned ballots, and review and add them to the final count. Absentee by mail ballots are still arriving throughout Tuesday, and will be added to the final tally. According to the City of Kodiak Clerk’s office, they are expecting between 20 and 30 more votes- barely enough to challenge incumbent city council member Terry Haines’ 14-vote lead over Tracy Craig. Haines is also a host on KMXT. The borough clerk’s office has not released a figure for uncounted ballots.

Once the tally is complete on Wednesday, they will be sent and finalized before the City Council on Thursday, and elected officials will be sworn in. Borough results are ratified October 21, and the oath of office for the elected borough assembly members will be on October 25.