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Kodiak Public Library Association seeks new members to aid Kodiak Public Library during pandemic

Kodiak Public Library. (Photo by Kayla Desroches / KMXT)
Kodiak Public Library. (Photo by Kayla Desroches / KMXT)

While it should come as no surprise that foot traffic in the Kodiak Public Library has decreased during the COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing going on there.

Mike Sirofchuck and Jan Chatto of the Kodiak Public Library Association and Laurie Madsen of the Kodiak Public Library joined KMXT’s news team on Talk of The Rock to discuss changes they are making to their fundraising strategy and the library’s adaptations for COVID.

“It is on our Facebook page, as well as our website,” Sirofchuck said.

“KPLA supports the library’s programs, services and collections through fundraising efforts and events, including book sales, book swaps and outreach. And you can be a part of all this simply by becoming a member of KPLA. It’s pretty straightforward. We’re just here to help Laurie in any way that we can, mostly financially, to make that library. Just one of the best libraries in the state of Alaska, I would say.”

Mike Sirofchuck is a dedicated supporter of the library, and he says that one of the best ways to support the library’s mission or to become a KPLA member.

“You can go to our website, which is And you’ll see several different ways that you can contribute just by clicking online there at the website,” Sirofchuck said. “Another way that you can become a member or donate is Pick Click Give, a very popular program here in Alaska, where you contribute a part of your permanent fund dividend, to nonprofits, to charities and so forth.”

Laurie Madsen, Director of the Kodiak Public Library says that the library is still open to the public.

“But we’re making the most of a bad situation and, people are very thankful that we’re being safe. We are now asking a series of questions related to travel, and COVID exposure just to make sure we’re not letting people who should be in quarantine… people have been very honest,” Madsen said.

“And we haven’t turned away people except two this week. But in the past, we haven’t turned anybody away. People must wear masks and practice social distancing. And we clean after everybody comes in, we’re disinfecting everything. That’s a big change, to become a cleaning crew. But we’re doing zoom, I’m doing a trivia game or like a pub style trivia quiz every other week, got a solid group of people who are enjoying that as a lot of fun.”

Those interested in learning more about the Kodiak Public Library Association can do so at