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Kodiak police name suspect in fatal hit-and-run during tsunami evacuation


Kodiak police have named Clint Moudy as a suspect in the fatal hit-and-run collision during the tsunami evacuation late on July 15.

The crash killed a pedestrian, 45-year-old Kodiak resident Vanessa Amox. Friends on Facebook also know her as Vanessa Malutin-McCormick.

Moudy’s white, flatbed-style truck had damage consistent with debris collected from the crime scene, according to a press release from the Kodiak Police Department. Police say witnesses also described a similar vehicle leaving the area after hearing the collision.

Moudy told officers he was driving to the Kodiak High School parking lot, which is the evacuation site for Kodiak residents during emergencies. He said he did not realize he hit someone, and police say he has cooperated with the investigation so far.

Kodiak police have not yet filed charges and are in contact with the district attorney about how to proceed.