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Kodiak sudden snowfall linked to cold winds from the northwest

Kodiak residents may have been startled Wednesday morning to see a higher than expected snowfall. Forecasts early Tuesday evening were calling for no more than an inch of rain and snow. Instead, by Wednesday morning three to four inches of snow sat heavily atop the Kodiak landscape. Mike Ottenweller is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Anchorage.

“Kodiak, as always, is uniquely positioned right next to very warm water, but not far away from very cold air off of mainland Alaska. And so what has happened is, with a system staying just off to your east, it allows the winds to continue to come out of the Northwest which reinforces the colder air,” Ottenweller said.

Long story short, that meant less rain and more snow. But not for long, according to Ottenweller.

“We should see the wind come off the gulf tomorrow morning. And that should allow for a transition back to rain. Which of course would you know take a bite out of the snow that’s already on the ground and any future accumulations,” Ottenweller said.

Until then, he says to expect at least another two to three inches of snow.