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After outpouring of public support, Kodiak City Council hits pause on all-purpose vehicle restrictions

All-purpose vehicles will continue to be permitted on Kodiak streets under new statewide rules that went into effect January 1. That the decision came after a long – and at times – impassioned City Council meeting last week.

Last fall, Governor Dunleavy’s office announced that all-purpose vehicles – like side-by-sides and all-terrain vehicles – would be street legal in Alaska on roads 45 miles per hour and under at the start of the year. Communities can draft local laws opting out of the change. And last Thursday, Kodiak’s city council had a draft reading of an ordinance to do just that. But overwhelming public support for the new state rules caused Council to indefinitely postpone the discussion instead.

“If there’s a compelling reason to bring this back up for consideration, whatever that might be, maybe it’s safety concerns, or whatever reason, that we can do that, it’s still there, and again there would be a full public hearing there would be full public input,” said Councilmember John Whiddon.

Fairbanks, Kenai and Valdez have either banned or limited APVs on city streets ahead of January 1. Although, Ketchikan’s city council also recently decided to postpone discussion and any decisions on restricting APV use within town.