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Kodiak featured in new Alaska podcast on climate change

Kodiak’s wind generators. Photo via Alaska Public Media.
Kodiak’s wind generators. Photo via Alaska Public Media.

Kodiak had a prominent role in a new podcast discussing climate change and ocean acidification. The Future Ocean podcast is produced by Dorothy Childers and hosted by KMXT veteran Maggie Wall. It tells the story of climate change and its impact on Alaska’s marine health. In the most recent episode, Kodiak was featured as a model for renewable energy in Alaska.

Alaska Ocean Acidification Network’s director Darcy Dugan helped put the podcast together.

“Ocean acidification is expected to happen faster and more intensively in Alaska than other parts of the world, because our water is cold, and cold water holds more gas. So we are already closer to a tipping point than most places. And we need to be looking into strategies to slow down and adapt to this process,” Dugan said.

The Future Ocean Podcast has six episodes running just under a half-hour. The first two deal with climate issues, but the next four are solution-based. Carbon pricing, cap and trade, carbon taxes- all are discussed with economists and experts. The last episode is about energy, where Kodiak’s reliance on renewable hydro and wind for its electricity is highlighted by Childers.

“The Kodiak utility made the commitment to replace diesel with wind and more hydropower. So there were ways that the utility found to do that, that made economic sense without a carbon price. So there’s lots of tools in the box,” Childers said.

You can listen to the Future Ocean Podcast here. You can also find it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.