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Kodiak Chamber of Commerce calls for designs in Crab Fest competition

CrabFest 2021 is proceeding as planned this upcoming year, and the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce is calling for submissions for the design of its poster and logo.

“A huge part of it is just the social aspect of it too, for town. Like we do have a lot of tourists and it’s exciting,” said Sarah Culbertson, owner of The Frame Shop in Kodiak.

Culbertson also serves on the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce’s Crab Fest board and says the poster sets the stage for the festival, which marks the end of winter hibernation, before everybody goes out fishing and starts the busy summer season.

Culbertson says that the event is always a big boon to the local economy, including her business.

“When it didn’t happen in in May, we lost out on quite a large piece of income for early like after (the) winter dry spell,” said Culbertson, who sells the posters in her shop.

While the Crab Fest is still a long way off, Kodiak’s artistically gifted can participate today in the 2021 Kodiak Crab Festival Logo and Poster Contest. Submissions are to be sent to the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce office at 100 Marine Way by 5pm on November 9th of this year. Those wishing to learn more can find out more at