May 19 2009
Council Exploring City-Funded Internet
Tuesday, 19 May 2009

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            Some members of the Kodiak City Council are following in the footsteps of the borough assembly and are using government-issued laptop computers on which to conduct city business. The assembly got laptops last year, and now receives their meeting packets electronically.

            However, while the assembly did not get a boost in pay for internet access, the council is moving toward having the city pay for their connection.


, as explained by City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski (kenya-zz'off-ski):


--          (City Internet             19 sec              "In order to receive ... for each service.")


            That would be 600-dollars a year more for each councilmember who requests the internet service, more than doubling the 575-dollar stipend each already receives.

            Councilman Jack Maker said electronic delivery of city documents and communications is just a sign of the times:


--          (City Internet 2          49 sec              "We're getting away from ... we use it every day.")


            The council introduced the Internet payment ordinance by a five-to-zero vote. It will come back before the council for a final vote at its next regular meeting on June 25th.