May 23 2008
Palin Cuts Local Items From Capitol Budget
Friday, 23 May 2008

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             Governor Sarah Palin today vetoed 268-million dollars from the nearly 3-billion dollar state capitol budget passed by lawmakers last month.

             The largest local item to fall victim to the governor’s veto pen was 4-million dollars for a Kodiak schools’ seismic mitigation project. She also cut an additional 175-thousand for an earthquake-proofing project specific to Peterson Elementary School.

          Palin slashed funding for two local transportation items: 150-thousand dollars for an island-wide comprehensive transportation plan and another 100-thousand dollars for a Kodiak Island regional ferry feasibility study.

She also vetoed 50-thousand dollars for a new bulldozer in Ahkiok.

But in three other cases, Palin cut in half the original amount allocated by lawmakers. The largest of those projects was 250-thousand dollars from a 500-thousand dollar appropriation for the City of Kodiak’s Cruise Ship/Pier II master plan. She also slashed 32,500 dollars of a 65-thousand dollar allocation for park renovation and multi-use sports field in Old Harbor and 25-thousand dollars from a 50-thousand dollar project for new playground equipment in Karluk.

Two more projects from House District 36 were cut by Palin. The communities of Nondalton and Pedro Bay each lost 50-thousand dollars in funding for new fuel trucks.

The governor had promised vetoes, saying lawmakers had failed to build a fiscally prudent plan. But District R State Senator Gary Stevens of Kodiak said he was “frustrated” and “perplexed” by the cuts.