May 23 2008
Wildland Fire Singes Two Acres
Friday, 23 May 2008


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            A small wildland fire scorched two acres at the end of Bruhn (broon) Point in Women’s Bay Wednesday evening. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. 

            Women’s Bay Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dale Rice said the blaze was small when seven firefighters and two wildland fire trucks responded.


--          (Fire 1             21 sec              “… and let the other side burn out.”)

            Rice speculates that the fire was man-made:

--          (Fire 2             19 sec              “… nobody in that area when we got there.”)

            Despite this already being the third wettest May on record, last year’s dead grass dried quickly after five days of sunshine, and subsequently the fire danger is moderate in Women’s Bay:

--          (Fire 3             29 sec              “… I’ve used it when it’s raining as a fire starter.”)

            He said the fire burned hot enough to ignite driftwood on the beaches. The peninsula is uninhabited, and no structures were in danger.

            Rice also put out the call for more permanent residents of Bell’s Flats to volunteer for the fire department, which has relied heavily on Coast Guard personnel who transfer out every few years.