May 07 2009
Trident Pays Fines for Ammonia Violations
Thursday, 07 May 2009

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            Trident Seafoods will pay more than 112-thousand dollars for not reporting large quantities of hazardous chemicals to the EPA. The company violated the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act by not telling local emergency response teams that they had large quantities of ammonia, a hazardous chemical, at processing plants in Akutan, Kodiak, Petersburg, and Seattle. EPA public affairs specialist Tony Brown says this endangered the surrounding communities.

            Exposure to large quantities of ammonia can cause respiratory problems and eye irritations and it is highly explosive. The company reportedly stored 25 thousand pounds in Kodiak, 80 thousand in Akutan, 1,400 pounds in Petersburg, and 19,500 in Seattle.

            Trident will pay a 61 thousand dollar penalty to the federal government and will fund supplemental environmental project. The company will spend 23 thousand dollars on emergency response equipment for the Kodiak fire department and 28 thousand dollars on equipment for the Akutan volunteer fire department.

            EPA assistant regional council Stephanie Mairs says this is a common violation and though Trident is paying a significant penalty, it is not unusually large. Mairs says the company does not have any previous violations nor do they admit guilt in this instance.

            Trident did not respond to phone calls on Monday.