Apr 27 2009
Wynne Observes Observer Programs Overseas
Monday, 27 April 2009

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            A local marine mammal researcher, who spent the past year travelling to countries in Africa and Central America, is set to share the results of her research on marine observer programs in developing nations.

           Kate Wynne will present a talk on her research, "The Globalization of Conservation: A Personal View of NOAA Marine Observer Programs in Developing Nations," Wednesday at the Kodiak Refuge Visitor Center from 7 to 8 p.m. The talk is part of Whale Fest Kodiak 2009 and is sponsored by Friends of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. 

            In the past year, Kate Wynne, a marine mammal specialist for the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, has visited Ghana, Senegal and most recently, Costa Rica. Wynne, who worked with NOAA on the project, says the goal of her research and training trips, was to explore the intersection of politics, conservation and differing social perspectives on human-marine mammal interactions in developing nations.

--          (Observers 1              31 sec.             "I've been working with ...  new programs that are starting.")

            Wynne said such observer programs were a new concept to some of the countries she visited and an extension of existing programs in others that haven't necessarily focused on marine mammal by-catch.

--          (Observers 2              14 sec.             "In Ghana, it was ...  elaboration on those programs.")

            Wynne said people in all three countries were receptive to such programs. In fact, they all requested assistance from NOAA in developing them.

--          (Observers 3              28 sec.             "These countries have actually ...  our insights with them.")