Apr 08 2009
Kodiak Loses Civic Leader
Wednesday, 08 April 2009

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            A long-time public figure in Kodiak died Monday evening. Dave Woodruff, who operated Alaska Fresh Seafoods for decades, and who helped shape the community with his service on the Kodiak City Council, passed away in Anchorage after a long fight with cancer.


            Mayor Carolyn Floyd said she visited with Woodruff in recent weeks, and that he was planning on coming home soon:


--          (Woodruff 1                49 sec              "Joe and I visited him ... when he passed away.")


            Floyd remembered Woodruff as a staunch supporter of Kodiak's main industry, commercial fishing:


--          (Woodruff 2                24 sec              "And we needed that ... very, very missed.")


            The mayor also remembered Woodruff as being an independent voice on the Kodiak City Council:


--          (Woodruff 3                24 sec              "Well, whenever there was ... that needed to be addressed.")


            She said Woodruff pushed the hardest for a new police station. Ground was broken for the new structure just last week.

            Less than two weeks ago, the Kodiak City Council commended Woodruff for his years of supporting civic events. The proclamation was read by City Councilman Tom Walters at the March 26th regular meeting:


--          (Woodruff 4                34 sec              "Certificate of appreciation ... all he's done.")


            Floyd remembered some of the many donations Woodruff made over the decades:


--          (Woodruff 5                52 sec              "We also knew him as ... Dave was always there.")


            Dave Woodruff is survived by his wife Barbara, son Mike, and daughter Jeanie.