Apr 07 2009
Expanded Health Center to Offer Expanded Services
Tuesday, 07 April 2009

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            The addition to the Kodiak Community Health Center is just a couple months away from being complete, and with it will come expanded services. Executive Director Brenda Friend spoke at the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce lunch yesterday.



--          (Health 1                     38 sec              "We are growing rapidly ... a lot more costly.")


            Friend said that the target clientele is not exactly who people think of:


--          (Health 2                     30 sec              "When you think of the ... for your employees.")


            She said those costs continue to rise at a faster rate than wages:


--          (Health 3                     40 sec              "Annual health coverage ... that employees are feeling.")


            Friend says about three-quarters of the staff at the Community Health Center is fluent in a second language, including Tagalog (T'goll-egg) and Spanish. She says the center is open seven days a week, including some evenings. Friend says even though the clinic is attached to the borough-owned Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center building, it is not affiliated with the hospital, even though they enjoy a good relationship with it.

            She said the recent community health needs study showed 38-percent of people get their primary care in the PKIMC emergency room:


--          (Health 4                     50 sec              "That's a pretty significant ... actually helping them.")


            The clinic has same-day appointments available each morning, and also offers well-child and well-woman care, immunizations and family planning.