Apr 03 2009
Assembly Loans Bayside $1M, Awards Expansion Contract
Friday, 03 April 2009

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            The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly is moving ahead on construction of an addition to the Bayside Fire Station. At last night's regular meeting the assembly was forced to rearrange a bit of its agenda to do so, but appropriated the funds and then awarded the contract for the addition.


            Fire Protection Area Number One has a bank balance of just over one-million dollars, and with the contract at nearly 2-million, the assembly authorized the 10-year loan of up to a million dollars from the Facilities Fund to the fire protection area. Borough Manager Rick Gifford explains:


--          (Bayside 1                  43 sec              "The finance director ... protection area number 1.")


            Mike Dolph is with the fire service district, and appreciated the assembly's action. He says the station has got equipment scattered about in need of a home:


--          (Bayside 2                  41 sec              "At this point in time ... of the measures we're doing.")


            Dolph explained how and why the Bayside Volunteer Fire Department got so much more equipment than space to put it:


--          (Bayside 3                  43 sec              "What really put the pressure ... that worked out nicely.")


            There were nine bids for construction of the Bayside addition. The contract was awarded to Dowland Construction of Anchorage in the amount of 1-point-8-million dollars, which includes the four added alternates: a covered walkway, insulated roof panels, interior improvements, and a sprinkler system. Both the Facilities Fund loan and the contract award passed the assembly unanimously.