May 19 2008
Anglers Reel In 55-Pounders, But Rejected Peace Cup Entry
Monday, 19 May 2008

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            Judy Kidder with the Kodiak Peace Cup called in with an update from the first weekend of the King Salmon Derby. 

            The current leader is from Old Harbor with a king weighing in at 47-point-five pounds. Second place also comes from there, at 42-point-seven pounds. A Kodiak fisherman is currently in third, with a weigh-in of 42-point-two pounds.

            Kidder says a fisherman out of Old Harbor and one out of Kodiak would both be tied for the lead if only they had bought Peace Cup tickets. Both reeled in kings weighing 55 pounds. She says three-thousand-dollars in derby tickets were sold in the first weekend, with half of that going toward the cash prizes.

            Kings caught from all around the island are eligible, but there are only two certified weigh-stations, one in Kodiak at Island Seafoods, and the other at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge in Old Harbor.