May 19 2008
Alaska Offers Discount Fares For Crab Fest
Monday, 19 May 2008
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In honor of the 50th Anniversary Kodiak Crab Fest, Alaska Airlines is offering special, lower airfares of 79-dollars between Anchorage and Kodiak.

            Andrew Ogilvie is executive account manager for Alaska Airlines in Anchorage.

--          (Crab Fares 1                                    28 sec                          “… double miles to and from Kodiak.”)

            Ogilvie cautions that you should act quickly if you’d like a seat at the 79-dollar price:

--          (Crab Fares 2                                    30 sec                          “… Kodiak to Anchorage; either way.”)

            He says the usual taxes and fees apply, but no advance purchase is required to get the special fare.

            The five-day Crab Festival starts on Thursday, and runs through Memorial Day Monday.