Feb 18 2009
KEA Gearing Up for Summer Work on Pillar Mountain
Wednesday, 18 February 2009

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            In early June Kodiak Electric Association will begin the process of moving equipment up Pillar Mountain for its wind power project. The operation will involve the movement of very large vehicles through town.


Bob Coates is KEA's operations and engineering manager. He described the route the vehicles will take to get to the top of Pillar Mountain.

--          (KEA Equipment 1                 25 sec.             "Around the first of June ... on Pillar Mountain Road.")

            Coates said the operation of moving equipment up the mountain will last several weeks with one or two trips a day planned. He also said some trees will have to be cut down near the water treatment plant due to the necessity of moving power lines.

--          (KEA Equipment 2                 8 sec.               "We're moving one section  ... by the city water tank.")

            Coates said the cutting of trees will be on a small scale and won't take very long. He also expects the turbines to arrive in Kodiak June first and the trucks to begin transporting the turbines and other equipment up the mountain shortly thereafter.