Feb 12 2009
KICVB Offers Cruise Ship Report
Thursday, 12 February 2009

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            At the Kodiak City Council regular meeting on Thursday evening, the Kodiak Island Convention and Visitors Bureau will present a report on the recently completed cruise ship public forum. The brief presentation will take place during the "citizens to be heard" portion of the meeting.

            Janet Buckingham is the executive director of the Kodiak Island Visitors Bureau. She said the public should take an active interest in how tourism develops in Kodiak.

--          (Cruise Ships 1                       32 sec.             "This is a follow-up ... on the radio.")

            Buckingham said the report is based on a four-question survey conducted at the public forum in October.

--          (Cruise Ships 2                       25 sec.             "We asked four questions ... about cruise ships.")

            According to Buckingham, the increase in the number of cruise ships visiting Kodiak in recent years provided the impetus for the survey and resulting report in order to determine the impact of cruise ship visits on the community.

--          (Cruise Ships 3                       15 sec.             "The number of ships ... how they feel about that.")

            The cruise ship report will be repeated at the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly meeting on February 19th during the committee reports portion of the meeting.