Feb 11 2009
Austerman Initiates 'Fish Caucus' Meetings
Wednesday, 11 February 2009

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            Kodiak Representative Alan Austerman continues to settle back into life as an Alaska legislator, and reports that he's started holding what he calls "Fish Caucus" meetings. 

            He described the Fish Caucus as a way to bring legislators from other parts of the state up to speed on fisheries issues.

            Austerman has co-sponsored a bill that would require the Alaska Board of Fisheries to hold its meetings in the communities that are affected by their decisions. You can hear him speak about that issue on this week's Alaska Fisheries Report.


--          (Austerman 2              41 sec              "We do it every Thursday at ... and get them educated.")


            Austerman said he's very comfortable being back in the capital, especially since he's in the exact same office he occupied when he was a rookie legislator back in 1995:


--          (Austerman 3              17 sec              "Actually we went after ... troop through our front door.")