Feb 09 2009
Fire Departments to Renew Mutual Aid Agreements
Monday, 09 February 2009

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            While local fire departments can usually contain fires and diffuse other public emergencies without assistance from others, there are times when particularly large emergencies call for backup. That's why the City of Kodiak's Fire Department, the Bayside Fire Station and others have fire rescue and mutual aid agreements. The city and borough departments' mutual aid agreement is set to expire, and city and borough officials expect to renew the existing agreement.

            City Fire Chief Rome Kamai said the city has such agreements with all of the other local fire departments and that that local fire departments help one another as the situation dictates.


--          (Mutual Fire 1                        35 sec.             "We've actually had ... reviewed and re-approved.")


            Kamai said the mutual aid agreement is important particularly for a community like Kodiak and that cooperation among the four local fire departments is based on a statewide and national model.


--          (Mutual Fire 2            15 sec.             "We're a small island ... statewide and nationally.")


            The Fire Chief said that while mutual aid requests are relatively unusual, they do occur, especially in the case of working structure fires.

--          (Mutual Fire 3            25 sec.             "Actual working structure fires is ... that really get it coming.")


            City Manager Linda Freed described the mutual aid agreement renewal ordinance between the city fire department and Bayside as a mere formality and expects it to be approved. If approved, the ordinance will continue the existing agreement between city and borough fire departments with the exception of the new 5-year renewal term.