Feb 09 2009
Dunbar 8th in Reebok Mile
Monday, 09 February 2009

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            Kodiak High School runner Trevor Dunbar took part in the Junior Boys One-Mile Run at the Reebok Boston Indoor Games on Saturday. 

            The three-time defending Alaska cross country champion was 8th, with a time of 4-minutes 13-seconds. The race was won by Mac Fleet of University City, California, with a time of 4-minutes 9.06-seconds. The top four runners all finished under 4-10.

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Event 18<span>  </span>Boys 1 Mile Run Reebok Junior
================================================================<span>             </span>
<span>    </span>Name<span>                    </span>Year Team<span>                    </span>Finals<span>              </span>
================================================================<span>             </span>
Finals<span>                                                                       </span>
<span>  </span>1 Mac Fleet<span>                    </span>University City, CA<span>    </span>4:09.06<span>  </span>1500 3:54.40
<span>  </span>2 Andrew Springer<span>    </span><span>          </span>Rhode Island<span>           </span>4:09.16<span>  </span>1500 3:53.32
<span>  </span>3 Patrick McGregor<span>             </span>Hoover, AL<span>             </span>4:09.41<span>  </span>1500 3:53.72
<span>  </span>4 Drew Butler<span>                  </span>Woodlands, TX<span>          </span>4:09.62<span>  </span>1500 3:53.38
<span>  </span>5 Reid Conner<span>                  </span>Woodlands, TX<span>          </span>4:11.26<span>  </span>1500 3:55.12
<span>  </span>6 Jeremy Rae<span>                   </span>Ontario, CAN<span>           </span>4:12.70<span>              </span>
<span>  </span>7 Brett Johnson<span>                </span>Ocean City, NJ<span>         </span>4:13.00<span>              </span>
<span>  </span>8 Trevor Dunbar<span>                </span>Kodiak, AK<span>             </span>4:13.19<span>    </span><span>          </span>
<span>  </span>9 Collin Jarvis<span>                </span>Vista, CA<span>              </span>4:13.57<span>              </span>
<span> </span>10 CJ Brown<span>                     </span>Southlake, TX<span>          </span>4:14.29<span>              </span>
<span> </span>11 Zachary Ornelas<span>              </span>Cedar Park, TX<span>         </span>4:20.15<span>              </span>
<span> </span>12 Omar Abdi<span>                    </span>Charlestown, MA<span>        </span>4:22.28<span>              </span>