Feb 04 2009
City, Boro Want New Advisory Board
Wednesday, 04 February 2009

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           At a joint work session Tuesday evening the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and the Kodiak City Council discussed the possible creation of a Kodiak Fisheries and Oceanic Research Advisory Board. According to the borough's recently completed strategic plan, the aim of the program is promoting a sustainable Kodiak fishing industry and to support and enhance communication between Kodiak's public officials and the research sector in order to facilitate better communication among state, federal and university researchers.


Assembly and City Council members were in agreement that having such a board in Kodiak is critical for the fishing industry. Assembly member Sue Jeffrey emphasized the need for quality scientific research.

--          (Research Board 1                 39 sec.             "Without good science ... as a community.")

            Doctor Murat Balaban, Director of Seafood Science at the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Fishery Technology Center, spoke at the meeting, saying that he appreciates the support and enthusiasm the idea is receiving in Kodiak.

--          (Research Board 2                 49 sec.             "I applaud the Kodiak ... situation all around.")

If implemented, the plan would create an 11-member board to include Balaban, the Borough and City Mayors, the Borough and City managers, in addition to representatives from NOAA, Fish and Game and other local organizations.