Feb 03 2009
Chamber Members Plan For Tax-Free Day
Tuesday, 03 February 2009

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            Business leaders brain-stormed ideas at the chamber lunch Monday for promoting Kodiak's first Tax Free Day, coming up on the first Saturday of March. About a dozen folks from businesses, finance and government were on hand. 

            Various ways of pre-promoting the one-day exemption from the city's six-percent sales tax were suggested, including group ad buys in the newspaper and radio, signs signifying participation for merchants to display in their stores, and direct mail. Getting the word out too early was seen as a problem, though. Some merchants were wary of customers curbing their discretionary spending until March, which would cut into February sales.

            Janet Wente (wen-tee), the owner of Northern Exposure Gallery, said after the meeting that she was very enthused by the Tax Free Day promotion.


--          (Tax Free 1                 26 sec              "I think it's a very ... I'm looking forward to it.")


            Greg Deal is the manager of Wells Fargo Bank. While his company doesn't charge sales tax, he's supportive of the plan, and has seen it work well in other communities:


--          (Tax Free 2                 31 sec              "Anything we can do ... to it additional sales as well.")


            Trevor Brown of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce said he hasn't contacted every business in city limits yet about Tax Free Day, but of the ones he has, only two are considering not participating in the voluntary program. He declined to identify them, saying he hopes to hold more talks and convince them to join in. He did indicate they were NOT mass-appeal retailers.

            The Chamber will be working on various get-out-the-word plans, and local radio and newspaper will be preparing media blitzes as well. Tax Free Day will be Saturday, March 7th.