Feb 02 2009
Threshold Now Offering Fluorescent Bulb Recycling
Monday, 02 February 2009

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          It is now possible to recycle fluorescent light bulbs as well as glass in Kodiak, thanks to the recent efforts of Threshold Recycling Services.

Rick Pillans is the manager of Threshold. He spoke about recycling bulbs at the Sustainable Kodiak meeting last week. He said the program began as a collaboration with Alaska Cruise Lines last year when the company donated a machine for breaking down bulbs to Threshold.

--          (Recycling 1               35 sec.             "We started a program  ... new fluorescent bulbs.")

            Pillans said recycling glass in Kodiak is also a collaboration with local organizations. He said there is a lot of concern in Kodiak about recycling glass and that there are many uses for the recycled material.

--          (Recycling 2               52 sec.             "One of the things  ... columns and things like that.")

Pillans said recycling increased 25-percent in Kodiak since 2007. In addition to their focus on recycling efforts, Threshold Services is committed to providing employment and training to people with disabilities.