Jan 22 2009
Jason Metrokin Heads Native Corp
Thursday, 22 January 2009

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jason-metrokin-headshot.jpgJay Barrett , This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it /KMXT

            The Bristol Bay Native Corporation has a new President and Chief Executive Officer with roots in Kodiak. Thirty-eight-year old Jason Metrokin, former director of shareholder and corporate relations for BBNC, took over the top job a week ago.

            His appointment marks the first time a second-generation Alaska Native shareholder is taking the helm of a regional Native Corporation.


--          (Metrokin 1                24 sec              "There's been a ... I'm up to the task.")


            Though he grew up in Anchorage, Metrokin's father, Dennis, grew up in Naknek and Kodiak, and was once the head of Koniag, the regional Native Corporation for the Kodiak area.


--          (Metrok 2                   36 sec              "Over the years ... same thing to our corporation.")


            Metrokin joined the Bristol Bay Native Corporation in 2005 from the First Alaskans Institute, where he served as vice president of development and an earlier career with National Bank of Alaska, which was later bought by Wells Fargo.

            As President and CEO of BBNC, Metrokin heads up one of two billion-dollar Native corporations in Alaska. He says his goal is to now increase net income, and ultimately dividends to the corporation's shareholders:


--          (Metrokin 3                40 sec              "The name of our ... high priority for BBNC.")


            Metrokin replaces former President and CEO Hjalmar (y'all-merr) Olson, who announced his retirement from in November. He had been with the corporation since its beginning.