Jan 13 2009
50th Anniversary Statehood Quilt Includes Kodiak Square
Tuesday, 13 January 2009

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            Two Kodiak women participated in the 50th Anniversary Statehood Quilt project organized by the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau. Cathy Quinn of the Salvation Army and Sue Byers designed and completed the Kodiak square in a couple weeks of part time work. Their square was selected, along with 55 others from around the state, out of 147 that were submitted from 22 communities around the state.

           See all the quilt squares here .


            Byers, who works in the Chaplain's office at the Kodiak Coast Guard Base, said she and Quinn had a good time designing and creating the square:


--          (Quilt 1                        21 sec              "It didn't take much ... the outlining for us.")


            She said the quilt represents the Salvation Army's presence in Alaska, and shows off Kodiak Island:


--          (Quilt 2                        57 sec              "The Salvation Army flag ... a map of the Kodiak Island.")


            The map and the Salvation Army boat were both printed on fabric, and, along with the other elements, adhered to the background:


--          (Quilt 3                        19 sec              "We basically did the ... in a blanket stitch.")


            All of the submitted blocks were sewn into nine large panels by volunteers from the Alaska Fiber Festival, and will travel the state this year, appearing at various museums and libraries around Alaska.