Jan 07 2009
Russian Orthodox Faithful Celebrate Christmas
Wednesday, 07 January 2009

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            Today (Wednesday), Russian Orthodox faithful celebrate Christmas, and next Wednesday they commemorate the New Year. Some members of the Alutiiq community, who inherited the Russian Orthodox calendar and the associated traditions, are prepared to celebrate the holidays in traditional style.  Sven Haakanson, director of the Alutiiq Museum in Kodiak, and Kodiak elder Iver Malutin sat down with KMXT's Mike Murrary on Talk of the Rock this week to discuss the history and plans for holiday celebrations this year.

Starring began Wednesday night at the Alutiiq Museuan and will continue for the next two nights. A new exhibit about Russian Orthodoxy in Alutiiq life also opened this week at the museum.



Haakanson described the tradition of starring and what it means to members of the Russian Orthodox faith and the Alutiiq people. He also shared his memories of the starring tradition growing up in Old Harbor.


--          (Haakanson 1            50 sec.             "The tradition of starring is ... as a kid growing up.")


Haakanson talked about the construction of the stars and how they can differ, depending on where they originate.


--          (Haakanson 2            50 sec.             "Depending on the villages... it's a wonderful celebration.")


            Malutin talked about his personal memories of the New Year's masquerade ball, a holiday tradition, and plans for this year's festivities.


--          (Malutin 1      52 sec.             "They normally mask ... just a fun night.")



            Malutin welcomes people to join the masquerade ball and orthodox new year celebrations at the Bingo Hall on Monday. I'm Erik Wander.