Dec 31 2008
KMXT Listeners Bring Cheer to Brother Francis Shelter Residents
Wednesday, 31 December 2008

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            KMXT once again sponsored the Giving Tree at Brother Francis Shelter this Christmas, providing gifts to patrons of the shelter. Brother Francis Shelter director Monty Hawver said the program was a success.



--          (Giving Tree 1            28 sec  "The giving tree's become ... actually a lot of fun.")


            Hawver said the shelter served Christmas dinner to about 20 people and that the giving tree provided extra fun and good cheer.


--          (Giving Tree 2            20 sec  "It's real good for us ... really nice for our guests.")


            Hawver said he is grateful for all those who helped make the annual event possible again this year.


--          (Giving Tree 3            17 sec  "I just want to ... hats and scarves and stuff.")


The Giving Tree program has been taking place for the past several years, Hawver said, and he expects it to continue in years to come.