Dec 29 2008
City Library Unveils Merlin
Monday, 29 December 2008

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            The Kodiak public library recently received a unique device to help those with impaired sight read books and periodicals better. But head librarian Joe D'Elia says the Merlin desktop video magnifier has a wider range of uses.



--          (Reading 1                  36 sec              "It has a TV screen ... put it on that setting.")


            The Kodiak Lions Club, known for advancing better eye-sight related causes worldwide, donated the machine to the A. Holmes Johnson Library about six weeks ago.

            D'Elia says in that time, the Merlin has received moderate use, as there are library patrons who do benefit from a closer view:


--          (Reading 2                  33 sec              "We do have a large print ... see in more detail.")


            D'Elia says the Merlin, which is set up near the library's computer's, is pretty simple to use, but the staff is happy to show anyone how it's operated. Merlin desktop video magnifiers sell for between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars, depending on their screen size and features.