Dec 23 2008
Borough TightensTax Exemption Rules
Tuesday, 23 December 2008

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            Snowbirds in Kodiak will have to spend as much time on the island to qualify for a property tax exemption as they do to qualify for a Permanent Fund Dividend check. That was the decision of the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly at its last meeting.

            Under state law seniors and disabled veterans can apply for a property tax exemption, if the local government implements one, as the Kodiak Island Borough has. Borough Assessor Tom Anderson explains:


--          (Tax 1             23 sec              "Residency standards ... per calendar year.")


            Assemblywoman Judy Fulp had sought to amend the ordinance to reduce the residency requirements to just 90 days, because she said not everyone collects a PFD.


--          (Tax 2             47 sec              "I personally know ... they can't qualify.")


            Assemblywoman Pat Branson said the exemption requirements for residency are lenient enough:


--          (Tax 3             47 sec              "I know people like to ... tax exemptions for seniors.")


            Borough Manager Rick Gifford explained that not applying for or getting a permanent fund doesn't automatically disqualify someone from getting the property tax exemption:


--          (Tax 4             13 sec              "You know they can check ... to get the information.")


            Fulp's amendment failed on a 5-1 vote against, while the ordinance passed by the same margin, with Fulp voting no.