Dec 24 2008
Senator-Elect Begich Confers with Mayors
Wednesday, 24 December 2008

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          In a teleconference Monday, Senator-elect Mark Begich met with 30 mayors and other city leaders from across Alaska, asking them to submit project priority lists that are ready to commence within 120 days, as Congress develops a national economic stimulus package.



City Mayor Carolyn Floyd represented Kodiak during the teleconference with Begich.


--          (Floyd 1           51 sec              "He kind of went over ... two disinfectant methods.")


Floyd said she was pleased to have the opportunity to talk directly to Begich, and that she believes Kodiak's concerns were heard.


--          (Floyd 2                       10 sec              "He was listening ... reaction to our presentation.")


On the teleconference, Begich said that many in Congress want to move quickly on an economic recovery bill that could total more than 800 billion dollars. The bill will likely cover transportation and energy infrastructure funding as well as programs such as extended unemployment and food stamp benefits. Begich said even with a large economic stimulus package, money will be tight, and there will be intense scrutiny on projects moving forward. He asked the mayors to return their lists, with projects prioritized, by Dec. 29.