Dec 18 2008
Stevens Reacts to Palin Budget
Thursday, 18 December 2008

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           Alaska Governor Sarah Palin proposed a state budget of $11.2 billion for the coming fiscal year this week.

On Wednesday, State Senator Gary Stevens of Kodiak, who will serve as Senate president when the 26th Alaska Legislature convenes in January, described his initial reaction to the proposed budget.


--         (Budget 1         55 sec              "I'm pleased the governor has ... in the future.")


Despite his overall positive reaction to the governor's budget proposal, Stevens said he does have concerns in addition to the operating and capital budgets.


--         (Budget 2         45 sec              "It seems to me that ... down to 300 million.")


State House Representative-elect Alan Austerman of Kodiak said that due to recent travel, he has not yet had a chance to revue the governor's proposal. The Legislature will begin review of the budget when it begins in Juneau on January 20.