Dec 17 2008
Borough to Negotiate Only with Brechan on Gravel
Wednesday, 17 December 2008

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           The Kodiak Island Borough intends to continue negotiations with Brechan Enterprises to provide gravel extraction services in Bell's Flats, at least for now. The borough was negotiating with Brechan, who held the previous lease for two years for the Tract B gravel site, when another firm expressed interest in competing for the lease.


Borough Manager Rick Gifford described the leasing decision process for Kodiak's only gravel pit.

--         (Gravel 1          55 sec  "The lease for the gravel pits ... request for proposals.")

            Gifford identified the other interested party in the discussion as Twin Peaks Construction of Anchor Point. In an October letter to the borough, Twin Peaks' President Nikki Baringer suggested that negotiating a long-term lease exclusively with Brechan amounted to a monopoly. Brechan President Mike Martin disputed that claim in a subsequent letter to the borough.

            Ultimately, the Borough Assembly made the decision to continue negotiations with Brechan and determined that sharing the contract was not plausible due to space and materials limitations. Gifford said there is no timeline on a decision, but that he hopes to bring a Brechan proposal to the Borough Assembly for review soon.