May 13 2008
Providence Looking For Solutions To Underage Drinking
Tuesday, 13 May 2008

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                Underage drinking is a problem facing many Alaskacommunities, especially in rural parts of the state.

            Ken McCarty is director of Kodiak’s Providence Safe Harbor office.

            (Underage Drinking 1                      :06s                 “…is they’re bored.”)

 Safe Harbor is sponsoring a town hall meeting Wednesday to discuss the issue with parents and educators. Titled “Lets Start Talking Before They Start Drinking,” McCarty says the town hall meetings are part of a nationwide effort to increase understanding and awareness of underage drinking and its consequences.

(Underage Drinking 2                      :27s                 “…outcomes for our kids.”)

McCarty says in the past most of the focus has been on treatment and recovery, but that’s starting to change more toward prevention.

(Underage Drinking 3                      :23s                 “…prevention here in Kodiak.”)

He says he’s really hoping that parents will show up to brainstorm possible solutions and share some of their own experiences.

(Underage Drinking 4                      :19s                 “…to raise our kids.”)

Wednesday’s town hall meeting, “Let’s Start Talking Before They Start Drinking,” will take place at the Kodiak High School commons, starting at 7 p.m.