Dec 08 2008
Mayor makes Borough Appointments
Monday, 08 December 2008

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           Kodiak Island Borough Mayor Jerome Selby appointed various assembly representatives to boards and committees at the assembly's most recent regular meeting. Mayoral and assembly appointments to boards, committees and commissions were also issued to volunteer, non-assembly members.

KMXT's Erik Wander has more.



Members of boards, committees and commissions are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the assembly. Mayor Selby appointed Jerrol Friend to the Architectural Review Board and the Joint Building Code Review Committee. Judy Fulp was appoinited to the Kodiak College Council, while Dave Kaplan will serve on the Parks and Recreation Committee and the School District Budget Advisory Committee. The mayor appointed Sue Jeffrey to the Kodiak Fisheries Advisory Committee once again and to the School District Strategic Planning Committee, and Chris Lynch to the School District Facilities Review Committee and the Solid Waste Advisory Board. Pat Branson and Louise Stutes will continue to serve on the Povidence Health System Service Area Board and Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center Advisory Board respectively.


The mayor and the assembly also appointed several members of the community to serve. Cecilia Esparza, Sara Bruce, Kevin Foster, Mike Sirofchuck, Erin Harrington, Jim Purdy, Alan Torres, Barry Altenhof, Cassandra Juenger and Chaz Glagolich were all appointed to various boards. Selby said he is grateful for their service.


--         (Selby 1           18 sec        "I just would like to thank ... forward to volunteer.")


Assembly members Sue Jeffrey and Pat Branson agreed that the community needs volunteers like those appointed Thursday.


--         (Jeffrey/Branson           41 sec             "We just approved the ... our community what it is.")


In a separate appointment, Branson will serve as the assembly's representative to the Providence Health System Kodiak Island Service Area Community Board. The Borough Assembly will hold its next work session December 11th, with the next regular meeting scheduled for December 18th. I'm Erik Wander.