Dec 03 2008
Become an Angel of Love for Providence
Wednesday, 03 December 2008

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            Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center's Hospital Auxiliary is conducting its Angels of Love holiday tree program again this year. For a 10-dollar donation, you can honor someone who has been, or is dear to you by dedicating an angel to them on one of the hospital's holiday trees. KMXT's Erik Wander has more.


Colleen Newman, President of the Kodiak Hospital Auxiliary, said the Angels of Love program is a good way to honor someone you remember or admire, for a small donation.


--         (Newman 1      30  sec             "Every year, we decorate ... the one that is being honored.")


            Funds from the sale of the angels go toward a medical education scholarship program. Newman said there are several ways to donate and dedicate an angel to a friend or loved one.


--         (Newman 2      27 sec              "The funds from the sale ... at Safeway the next two Fridays.")


In 2007, the project raised 2,400-dollars toward the scholarship fund.  Newman said that while the majority of the funds from the sale of the angels goes to the scholarship program, others benefit as well, including seniors and hospital employees.


--         (Newman 3      38 sec              "Our biggest thing  ... some of them take two.")


            If you want to remember or honor someone special in your life by purchasing an angel, you can leave your donation at the Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center reception desk or visit Safeway from 1 to 6 p.m. on Friday, December 5th or Friday, December 12th. Each 10-dollar donation will name an angel on the PKIMC holiday trees, which will be displayed until January 15th. I'm Erik Wander.