Dec 02 2008
House Calls to Brother Francis Shelter
Tuesday, 02 December 2008

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           A doctor and a nurse from the Kodiak Community Health Center made the first of what they plan to be regular visits to Kodiak's Brother Francis Shelter last night. Doctor Bill Arnold is the medical director at the center.



--          (Homeless 1               20 sec              "One of the reasons ... and going to them.")


            He said he wanted to see what the needs are on this first visit to the city's homeless shelter:


--          (Homeless 2               50 sec              "We're first going to see ... addressed, just like everyone.")


            Arnold says people who are homeless and alternately spending a lot of their time outdoors and then in close quarters, have some specific health concerns:


--          (Homeless 3               30 sec              "In general it's going ... and see what needs to be done.")


            Arnold said he and a coworker were moved to take on this task after the recent death of a Brother Francis Shelter client:


--          (Homeless 4               15 sec              "Brenda Friend and I ... just do it. So we're going to do it.")


            For December, Arnold will be visiting every other Monday, and may increase the frequency in the new year. He hopes to continue at least through the winter.