Nov 17 2008
Waterbound's Greatest Hits
Monday, 17 November 2008

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           Waterbound is a fluctuating group of Kodiak musicians who have been writing and recording original songs about Kodiak, the fishing industry, marine conservation and other maritime subjects since 1993.

            The group is set to release its new CD, "An Alaskan Maritime Retrospective," a mix of 15 songs from their first two albums, "Life on the Island" and "Sometimes a Great Ocean," both of which are currently out of print.

            Founding member Stacy Studebaker of Waterbound said she and fellow member Jane Eisemann wanted to revive the old songs and combine them under one title at the behest of friends.

            (Studebaker     11 sec             "Rather than let those songs die ... new recording.")

            The group, originally comprised of Studebaker, Eisemann, Ron Munro, Brad Stevens and D. Todd Littlefield, feature a variety of musical influences, plays a range of instruments and is difficult to categorize under one genre.

            (Studebaker     27 sec  "The rhythms on our new ... wide variety of instruments.")

            Half the proceeds from sales of the re-mastered and re-mixed album will go to the Alaska Marine Conservation Council, Studebaker said.

            (Studebaker     31 sec  "Jane Eisemann ... conservation group of ours in town.")

            Studebaker said two of the songs on the new CD were written in direct response to the Exxon Valdez oil spill, a subject she still feels strongly about.

            (Stedebaker     40 sec "I was asked to perform ... Prince William Sound in particular.")

            "An Alaskan Maritime Retrospective" goes on sale Nov. 22 at the Harborside Café from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.