Nov 14 2008
Greenpeace's Pletnikoff calls for Marine Cultural Heritage Zones
Friday, 14 November 2008

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          A representative from Greenpeace is on Kodiak Island to discuss his new initiative. George Pletnikoff, who grew up in the Pribilof Islands, is the Alaska Oceans Campaigner for Greenpeace USA. He's speaking with tribal leaders in Kodiak today, and will fly down to Old Harbor for meetings there over the weekend. 

            The purpose of his visit is to lay the initial groundwork for what he calls "Marine Cultural Heritage Zones."


--          (Greenpeace 1            59 sec              "Greenpeace is ... commercial fishing industry.")


            Though he's looking to Natives for their traditional knowledge of the sea and its resources, he said he's not envisioning a Native preference for use of the areas.


--          (Greenpeace 2            24 sec              "One of the larger steps ... Alaska's resource managers.")


            Pletnikoff says he got the idea for Marine Cultural Heritage Zones when an archeologist told him just how much his ancestors, 3,000 years ago, depended on the ocean:


--          (Greenpeace 3            50 sec              "So when Rick ... essentially left with nothing.")


            He says cultural heritage zones would be one way help save marine resources from the dangers of climate change, allowing life in rural villages to remain sustainable.