Nov 13 2008
New Spirit of Cooperation among local Fire/EMS departments
Thursday, 13 November 2008

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          After years of animosity, which culminated in threats of assault charges between emergency responders, it appears two fire departments have found new common ground. According to Borough Manager Rick Gifford, the city of Kodiak Fire Department is now allowing Bayside Volunteer Fire Department EMTs to ride along on emergency calls in city ambulances.



--          (EMS 1                       30 sec              "This program will ... end of it as administrator.")


            Borough Assembly members Sue Jeffrey and Pat Branson both praised the new cooperation between the departments:


--          (EMS 2                       18 sec              "I'm really delighted ... service for our residents.")


            Gifford said the departments have plans for even further training together:


--          (EMS 3                       33 sec              "The city and Bayside ... respond and train together.")


            Gifford says the city and Bayside hope to expand cooperative training to include the Women's Bay Volunteer Fire Department and the Coast Guard Fire Department. They will train in high-angle rescue, vehicle extraction, ice rescue and mass casualty events.