Oct 29 2008
City Adopts New ID Theft Policy
Wednesday, 29 October 2008

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0             The Kodiak City Council has adopted a new identity theft policy for the city. The city had previously been doing things to protect against identity theft, but City Manager Linda Freed says it came to her attention that a written policy is now required by federal law.

            (Identity Theft 1                    :24s                 “…put such a policy in place.”)

Freed says the policy adopted by the city council puts current practices into written form that will be reviewed annually. It also develops standard procedures for defining “red flags.”

(Identity Theft 2                    :40s                 “…from a consumer reporting agency.”)

As Freed points out, the policy is unlikely to affect most of the city’s utility customers.

(Identity Theft 3                    :20s                 “…federal government has put in place.”)

She also points out that the city does not share credit card information with other public or private entities. The new identity theft policy takes effect in November.