Dec 20 2013
Assembly Meeting Cancellation Caused by Lack of Quorum
Friday, 20 December 2013

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            Last night’s Kodiak Island Borough Assembly meeting was one for the record books. If you missed it, don’t feel too bad. At almost two minutes exactly it was quite possibly one of the shortest meetings in the history of the borough.
           Despite having a full agenda, and roughly a dozen borough staff and community members in the audience, the meeting didn’t make it past role call because not enough assembly members were present.
            In fact, as Deputy Clerk Jessica Kilborn explains to Deputy Mayor Chris Lynch, the lack of quorum even prevented absent assembly members from being excused. 
             “Chair Lynch we do not have a quorum. Do we need to excuse people first? We would have to have a motion to excuse people and we don’t have a quorum for a motion. Oh, OK. Due to a lack of a quorum the meeting will be adjourned at this time. Agenda items from this meeting will move forward to the next meeting which is scheduled Thursday, January 2. We are adjourned.”
              Next week’s work session was also cancelled; meaning no more assembly gatherings until 2014.