Dec 02 2013
College Teammates Give Kodiak Alum a Holiday Surprise
Monday, 02 December 2013

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Kodiak alum and current University of Jamestown Jimmy basketball player Puni Timu, left, spots her mother Sina, who made a surprise visit for Thanksgiving.


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    Anyone who’s ever travelled on and off the island knows how expensive it is to do so. For Puni Timu, that price tag has kept her from seeing her parents for more than a year and a half. Puni went to Kodiak High School where she was a star player on the girl’s basketball team. When she graduated, she signed with the University of Jamestown’s basketball team in North Dakota. It’s been a long time since Puni last saw her parents and her teammates recently decided to something extraordinary for their Alaskan comrade. Check out the emotional video here.